Silicone Smoothie Straws - Pastels

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Beautiful Silicone Straws in Pastle Colours

Reusable straws that not only replace single use plastic ones-8.5 Billion wasted in the UK every year- but look and feel super cool too!

These amazing straws are extra wide so are absolutely perfect for smoothies, protein drinks, soups or any thicker type of drink and without the loss of suction.

Made from certified food safe silicone, lightweight silicone. The straws are reusable, washable, suitable for hot and cold drinks, dishwasher safe, child friendly, gentle on the mouth and also perfect for people who also have sensory or motor processing issues where metal, glass or paper wouldn't be suitable. These straws are soft, flexible and pretty tough to help people still be able to drink independently.

You can store your dry or wet straws in the reusable microfiber bag that comes with it and it will absorb any liquid to protect your bag. The straws also come with two stainless steel cleaners, these do have plastic handles -but will definitely last the products life time- The handles are for making the cleaning process easier and perfect for those who may struggling with gripping.

Straws come with 6 in the pack - 10.5 Inches -26.5cm Long  

9mm Inner hole size - 11.6mm Outer Hole size

The Straws can also be cut to suit 

Available in other colours and sizes

The packaging is made from cardboard and can be fully recycled too.